About Plans

Plans and Instructions

Plans for the full-size boats include one or more large drawings showing the overall layout of the boat and important details of construction in the traditional drafting format. They give accurate dimensions of the individual components and diagrams showing efficient cutting of the wood, as well as labels naming all the parts of the boat. Dimensions are in feet and inches. The instruction manuals are 8.5 x 11 soft-cover books, comb-bound to lie flat on the shop bench for constant reference during construction. They contain pages of step-by-step instructions with facing pages full of diagrams that illustrate and visually clarify the written words.

The plans and instructions for "beginners" require basic familiarity with woodworking and tools, but a high degree of skill is not required. Anyone with the tools will also have the necessary skill because the methods are so simple. Designs for "experienced" builders require well-developed woodworking skills, but not previous boatbuilding experience. Plans for "advanced" builders, such as the plans for Heritage boats, are without instructions and require previous boatbuilding experience or knowledge of traditional construction methods.

Each design description on the website gives the length and width of the boat, the skill level required, the construction method used, number of plan sheets, and whether it includes an instruction manual.